Tap Talk Episode One

Tap Talk: What’s in Your Water? – The Ron Perrin Mission.

This is our first episode of Tap Talk, I introduce myself and the mission of our company. Starting in 1997 Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in the underwater inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks and towers. This series will document some of what we have seen and take a close look at municipal drinking water storage from the inside out. Episode one starts with a touch of nostalgia I talk about what attracted me to this business in the first place and what I have discovered along the way.

Ron Perrin, President Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Inc,

For a free water tank inspection or cleaning quote call toll free 1-888-481-1768 or e-mail Robert Perrin at perrinsales@gmail.com.

Published by Ron Perrin

President of Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Inc. President of Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project. The organizer of the Aquaponics Pod Project.

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