Out of Sight, Out of Mind Part II, Episode 4: Meet The Crew

In this episode, we meet the dive crew at Ron Perrin Water Technologies Inc.  Our company uses commercially certified divers to clean and inspect potable water tanks and towers. We will look at the training needed to do this type of work and the procedures used to dive into potable water facilities.  
Sediment that collects on the floor of potable water storage tanks is often overlooked. It can go for years, sometimes decades, “Out of Sight and Out of Mind”. The USEPA has identified sediment as being a habitat that bacteria, protozoa, and even viruses can use to get a foothold in a water system. 
Neglecting the housekeeping of a water storage tank can become a threat to the health of any water system and as a result, can threaten the health of their customers. 

Dive Supervisor Edward Hernandez at Ron Perrin Water Technologies Inc. office. Learn more about our services at http://www.ronperrin.com. For a free service quote call us toll free at 1-888-481-1768 or contact Robert Perrin at perrinsales@gmail.com.

Published by Ron Perrin

President of Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Inc. President of Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project. The organizer of the Aquaponics Pod Project.

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