Out of Sight, Out of Mind Part II, Episode 4: Meet The Crew

In this episode, we meet the dive crew at Ron Perrin Water Technologies Inc.  Our company uses commercially certified divers to clean and inspect potable water tanks and towers. We will look at the training needed to do this type of work and the procedures used to dive into potable water facilities.  Sediment that collects onContinue reading “Out of Sight, Out of Mind Part II, Episode 4: Meet The Crew”

Tap Talk Episode One

In our new video series Tap-Talk where we discuss what is really in your water system. For years we have been working on a feature-length documentary film. Our working title is “Out of Sight- Out of Mind, what’s in your water?” This video series will tap into some of the things that we found along the way as we continue to put this important film together.

Tap Talk: What’s in Your Water? Ep. 3 – MEET OUR ROBOT!

An ROV can be a big help to a water utility operator. There are two basic types of ROV’s to consider a Submarine type that has propellers for movement or a crawler type with wheels or tracks.